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Courts at Hawaii

Meetup JHPA Pickleball


ハワイでピックルボールをご希望の場合、Meetup(WEBおよび、アプリ)をご活用ください。Meetupは共通の興味を持つグループに登録することで、人と人がリアルで繋がれるコミュニティです。Meetupの検索画面からOahu Pickleball Associationグループに参加することにより、オアフでのオープン・プレイコート情報を得ることができます。




Please be sure to read it.

Please use Meetup web or App when you play pickleball in Hawaii. Meetup is a community where people can connect in real life by registering for groups with common interests. You can get information about open play courts on Oahu by joining the "Oahu Pickleball Association" group from the Meetup search screen.

​Find a pickleball court near your home or hotel, click/tap the 'Attend' button, bring your own paddle, and join the event at a date and time that is available for you. Please respect local pickleballers, observe good manners, and enjoy pickleball.

* Disclaimer: Please note that even if the Association incurs any damages to users, etc. due to the use of the information posted on this site, the Association will not be held responsible for such damages.

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Pickleball courts information!   (*The organizer of each court may change the day and time without notice. Mahalo.)

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